Bella Bands Are A Must Have Pregnancy Fashion Item

Published: 08th January 2009
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If you are looking for a low-cost way to expand your maternity clothes wardrobe and stretch your dollar at the same time, consider investing in a few Bella Bands by Ingrid & Isabel. This simple maternity wardrobe accessory can be worn throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Bella Band can be worn over your belly or hips or folded over and worn under the belly. In early pregnancy the Bella Band allows your to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans or pants unbuttoned by wearing the band folded in half over your jeans to help hold them in place on your hips and hide the fact they are unbuttoned at the top.

You may also find that your pregnancy tops are getting shorter as your chest expands and waist size increases. The Bella Band, when worn over your belly, can give your tops a bit more mileage while hiding any peeking bellies and giving the polished look of a fitted long cami or tank layered under your top.

As your pregnancy progresses and you are ready to invest into some maternity jeans and pants, you are usually better off going a size looser so your pants will fit you longer into your pregnancy. The Bella Band will help hold up a loose pair of jeans when worn over the belly and give your tummy a smooth look at the same time.

By your third trimester you may find that your expanding belly is pushing your jeans further down your hips and you are constantly tugging your pants up. The Bella Band can be worn folded over your hips and lower belly for extra support in comfortably keeping your jeans on and allowing you to wear those tighter maternity tops a bit longer without flashing any belly flesh.

After you have your baby, the Bella Band can be worn over the belly for a smoother and flatter look across your tummy. You can also wear it to help hold up your now loose maternity jeans. When you are ready to try and wear your pre-pregnancy jeans, the Bella Band can be folded and worn over your unbuttoned jeans for added support until they fit comfortably again.

The Bella Band comes in 4 different sizes and a variety of colors. There is now a lace version in various colors as well which gives a hint of elastic lace on the bottom of the band to peek out over your jeans . Many women find they continue to wear the Bella Band long after they have their baby to give their tummy a smoother look and a longer layered style to their tops.

Most important the Bella Band can really stretch your wardrobe during and after pregnancy so you don't have to buy all different size pants for maternity and postpartum. Rhey are a great addition to your maternity clothes.

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